What To Know Before The Singing and Songwriting Contest

Nowadays, there are singing and songwriting contests everywhere. Through TV, online medium aspiring songwriters can take part in songwriting contests. These contests are open for amateurs as well as for professionals, and most have big prizes to offer to their winners. Writing a great song to impress the judges might appear to be a difficult task, but it is not an impossible task. It may also surprise you to know that writing a great song is not everything when it comes to these competitions.

Many contestants feel that if they have a great chorus they have it made. A song is not just about a great chorus, the song has to be a winner the whole way through. There are several factors to be considered. Does your song lead into the chorus and lead out of your chorus with good transitions?. Does your song contrast from the verse section? Are your verses full of imagery and detail? and Whether the melody of the song is unique?

These are some of the questions that all have to be answered and analyzed if you want your song to stand out to the judges. Once your song passes the checklist, there are a few other things you need to consider if you wish to secure your chances of winning a singing and songwriting contest. Often contestants ruin their chances of having their song judged or even heard by not following the instructions of the contest.

You need to make sure to follow all instructions stated in the terms and conditions or rules and regulations page of the songwriting contest. This typically includes entering the song in the correct category, among other things. Another common mistake is, many folks spend a lot of time on the production value of their song, but in most cases, this is not required. Judges do not look for production value very much; instead, they are just looking for a song that stands out to them.

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